Abilities of the Visually Challenged - Advocacy meet - September 2016
HEPSN organised a programme to show cause the ‘Abilities of the Visually Challenged’ on 15th September 2016. The Key note Speaker, N. Victor David Dinakaran, Lecturer in English, KBN College as well as a Visually Challenged achiever said “With the advancement in Technology, there is actually no difference between an enabled person and disabled person; it’s all in the way we do differs. For example you read books, where us we listen to Computers reading the books for us; You see and understand the world whereas we listen to various sounds and perceive things”. His wife, Mrs Sujatha, a Post graduate in Economics and their one year old daughter Twinkle were also invited to this function to put forward a positive message to the society. Visually Challenged Students of ALC, S. Srikanth Reddy, K.N.V.S.S.Pavan, P. Saivinayak and T. Suvarchala shared their experiences on ‘ How do they perceive the world, Play and Study using Braille as well as Computers.

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