Inspire Internship Science Camp - October 2016
Department of Sciences & Technology Sponsored
Five-Day INSPIRE Internship Science Camp
17-21, October 2016

Joining hands with DST, ALC organised a Science camp to realise the dream of motivating the young minds to take up studies and research in Science during 17-21, October 2016 at Andhra Loyola College. Toppers studying Intermediate courses numbering 150 were selected following the norms laid down by the DST.
Leading speakers from top institutions in our country were invited to motivate young minds. The talks were arranged in morning sessions (9.30 a.m – 1.00 p.m) . During the post lunch sessions ( 2 p.m – 5.00 p.m) , the participants were exposed to labs in four streams viz., Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany during the first four days of the camp. There were also interactions with the resource persons during the pre dinner meeting (6.00 p.m to 7.30 p.m). We also organised 3 competitions during the five day sessions. They are : Poster presentation, Essay writing and Exhibiting a model.
List of Invited Speakers presented talks
1. Prof. A.S. Raghavendra , Dept of Plant Sciences, HCU, Hyderabad
2. Prof. M.K. Thakur, Dept of Zoology, B.H.U-Varanasi
3. Prof. Kanda Swamy, Dept of Maths, Bharatiyar University, Coimbattore
4. Prof. K. Murali Krishna Murthy, Dept. of Physics, Anna University, Chennai
5. Prof. Ganguli Ashok Kumar, Dept of Chemistry, IIT-Delhi
6. Prof. A. Usha Rani , Dept of Zoology, S.V.University-Tirupathi
7. Prof. Debasis Kundu, Dept of Maths, IIT-Kanpur
8. Prof.G.Raja Ram, Dept of Physics, HCU, Hyderabad
9. Prof. A. Rama Chandriah , Dept of Chemistry, NIT-Warangal
10. Prof. K.V. Devi Prasad , Life Sciences, Pondicherry Central University
11. Prof. G. S. Bhatt, Dept of Earth and Planetary Sciences, IISC, Bangalore
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