State Level Sports Meet for the Persons with Disabilities - Dec 2016
The Dept of Welfare of Disabled, Govt of Andhra Pradesh, organised the State level Sports Meet for the Persons with Disabilities in Our College Grounds, in collaboration with HEPSN from 30-11-2016 to 02-12-2016. About 600 persons with disabilities from 13 districts of A.P fought for the State Level Titles.
During this State level sports meet for the persons with disabilities, the following events were conducted. 100 m Race for Partially Blind, 50 M race for totally blind, Long jump for partially blind, Standing jump for totally blind, Cricket match for blind, Shot put for totally Blind, Javelin throw, cricket for Orthopedically handicapped, Discuss throw for OH were held. The events for Deaf and Dumb are : 100 m race, 200 m Race, Javelin throw, Carom board, Shot put and so on. During volley ball match, the Hearing Challenged persons the players used signs to exhibit their strategies where as the intelligent moves made by these persons are in no way inferior to the chess played by normal players.
The services offered by our HEPSEN volunteers to conduct the sports meet were well appreciated by the Government officials and the sportsmen.

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