Help the blind foundation scholarship distribution - Sep 2016
Help the Blind Foundation, based at Hong Kong, provided scholarships to the tune of Rs. 2,75,000/- to the 17 visually challenged students of our college this year, as a fourth consecutive year. The breakup includes: Rs 25,000/- each to 9 hostellers; Rs 10,000/- each to 2 girl-day scholars and Rs 5000/- each to 6 boy-days scholars. The first instalment of the scholarships was distributed over the function held on 15th September 2016 and Second instalment was given in February 2017
The foundation is willing to help many more students form Andhra Pradesh and pursuing Higher Education. It is advised that the students with visually impairments may contact the HEPSN coordinator Dr.G.Sahaya Baskaran who himself is identified as a volunteer by the foundation. He has attended the foundation meetings held at Loyola College, Chennai on 6th February 2016 and 27th November 2016. The steep hike in the number of enrolment of students with visual impairments in ALC, during this year is greatly due to this Scholarship scheme and HEPSN thank the Help the Blind Foundation for their contributions.

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