HEPSN -For Differently Abled
Higher Education for Persons with Special Needs is a UGC-sponsored project to provide special assistance to Students with Disabilities. A suitable environment has been created for the education of the differently abled students. During the academic year 2018-19, there are 26 Visually Challenged Students and 33 orthopedically challenged students supported through this Voluntary effort.

The services include
Computer training to Visually Impaired through Enable India
Scholarships from Help the Blind Foundation
Scribes assistance during examinations
Recording of class notes through HEPSN volunteers
Facilities for newspaper reading
Supply of Braille books from NIVH,
Computers, and CD players from Samrita Trust, CBM.  

HEPSN also conducts sensitization programmes and assists other agencies working for the physically challenged.

For activities with pictorial illustrations, please visit the blog: www.alchepsn.blogspot.in

* Enable India, Bengaluru
* CBM, Bengaluru (2015)
* Deaf Enabled Foundation, Hyderabad
* A. P. Vikalangula Co-operative Corporation, Hyderabad
* Samritha Trust, Hyderabad
* Madonna College for the Deaf, Vijayawada
* Vijaya Mary Integrated School for the Blind, Vijayawada

* MOU with Bookshare - Free e-books to VI students
* MOU with Help the Blind Foundation, Hong Kong- Scholarships
* NIVH, Dehradun for Braille Library
Dr G. Sahaya Baskaran,
Coordinator ( Recognised Professional by Rehabilitation Council of India- RCI)
email : sbalc@rediffmail.com
Cell : 9490658088

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