The excelling NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME team in 2016
Andhra Loyola College has three NSS units. During the academic year 2016-17, NSS activities were inaugurated by the program officers during June, 2016 by explaining the annual activities to be undertaken under NSS scheme, (300 students are enrolled this academic year) inculcated the importance of service and then motivated children. Subsequently 300 students were come forward to join in this scheme and enrolled their names with main motto of NSS i.e. “NOT ME FOR YOU”.
The following Programmes were organized at campus of ALC, Vijayawada.
1. International Yoga day
International yoga day was organized in the 21-7-2016 with the inspiration of our honorable chief minister chief minister Sri N.ChandraBabu Naidu.
2. Blood Donation Camp:
Blood donation camp was conducted by NSS I, II & III units of ALC, Vijayawada in association with “Govt. General Hospital, Vijayawada which is managed by “Govt.of Andhra Pradesh” on 27-7-2016. Hundred students came forward for giving helping hand by donating blood to the deserved people.
3. Vanam-ManamProgramme
Vanam-ManamProgramme was organized in the college campus on 29-7-2016 with the inspiration and instructions of our honorable chief minister Sri N. Chandra Babu Naidu. Avenue and horticultural trees such as guava, amlaetc.Were planted in the intermediate block of our college premises.
The Three units of Andhra Loyola College (Degree) actively involved in the Krishna Pushakarams which was held between 12 to 23 rd August 2016. All the three units under guidance of their programme officers Dr.D.Kruparao(Unit1),Sri P.SrinivasaRao(Unit11),Dr.S.SamuelDayakar(Unit111) were assigned different Pushakaranagars in and around Vijayawada city. Nearly 120 volunteers worked between 9am to 7 pm in helping the piligrims.The following activities were undertaking by our volunteers.
1. Tagging the identities bands to the children.
2. Serving water and food
3. Assisting the medical staff.
4. Helping the pilgrims at pushakhar bus stations.
5. Helping the Traffic control to local police.
6. Personnel attention was paid to the aged devotees in solving their needs.
The NSS units of ALC profoundly thank to Krishna University NSS cell coordinator Dr.C.M. Vinay Kumar for his help and supporting making our contribution at pushakaram a grand success.
5. Clean and Green:
Clean and green programme was organized on 1-9-2016 and all NSS volunteers actively participated in thisprogramme under the guidance of NSS officers in the college premises. The environment was kept clean and green especially near the church.
6. Blood Grouping Camp:
Blood grouping camp was organized on 15-9-2015 for first year under graduate students in association with the Indian Red Cross Society, Vijayawada unit. 900 samples of blood was analyzed for group and awareness was brought in students for their blood groups which will be indicated on their ID cards .
7. KrishnaYuvatarangSelections:
Krishna Yuvatarang selections were done on 19-9-2016 in our college campus being a host for entire Krishna University. Different colleges under Krishna University were participated in these selections out of which four members were selected.
8. World AIDS Rally:
In view of World AIDS Day on December 1st, 2016 three units of NSS were organized a rally to bring awareness on AIDS in people. 250 volunteers of our college were participated and distributed pamphlets on prophylactic measures of AIDS.
9. Less cash transactions rally
On 6th December 2016 all the three units volunteers of the NSS have undertaken a rally in support of less cash transactions payments along with other city colleges under the jurisdiction of Krishna university Machilipatnam
The three units of NSS units along with HEPSON of Andhra loyola college have organized UGC sponsored 2 day National seminar on challenges and opportunities for the physically challenged persons COPCA 17. Six NSS volunteers presented papers and 30 volunteers actively participated in the seminar.

11. Campaign on cashless payments
On 6 January 2017, all the 3units’ volunteers of NSS visited nearly 2000 households and enlightened the people on cash less payments. The volunteers participated very enthusiastically and collected digital sena format information.
11.Blood donation camp
Blood grouping camp was organized on 3rd February 2017 for science students under graduate students in association with the Indian Red Cross Society, Vijayawada unit. 150 samples of blood was collected which includes negative blood groups also. .

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