Jawahar Knowledge Centre (JKC) & Placement Cell



         Dr.G.Venkateswara Rao Reader in physics, was selected by the Commissioner of Collegiate Education, A.P. Hyderabad to attend Infosys sponsored workshop on “BPO and skill sets required to succeed in a BPO career” conducted from 17.09.2007 to 29.09.2007 at Infosys, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. The workshop is aimed at aligning under graduate course curriculum with the industry requirements to improve the employability of the students in B & C class towns. Project Genesis imparts a two – week comprehensive training in global skills enhancement curriculum to their Colleges enhancing the language and analytical skills of the undergraduate students, thus increasing their employability.

 In this connection, the Commissioner of Collegiate Education is pleased to sanction JKC training Centers to the Colleges, which in turn will be attached to the nodal JKC. The purpose of JKC is to enhance the employability of the young graduates by imparting communication skills, soft skills & computer oriented skills and also to encourage creativity and self learning for pursuing higher education. The students admitted into JKCs will be trained in “industry required skills” under the mentor training network. The main objective of this programme is to provide job opportunities to undergraduate students willing to move on to employment and to remove the long existing gap between the rural and urban students community.

          The JKCs in colleges at undergraduate level are having wide scope for campus recruitments. Even the best of the candidates from the remote areas are getting deprived of a chance to get into the established institutions/companies. Majority of the students are weak in soft skills and communication skills that the industries/companies need and these can be imparted well in a good environment.

          Jawaharlal Knowledge Centres (JKCs) are excellent finishing schools instituted in 2005 by the government of Andhra Pradesh with a mission to provide employment opportunities to the students in government Degree colleges of the state. The Commissionerate of Collegiate Education is the administrative head for all Degree Colleges in the state. JKCs vision is to provide the best opportunities to students belonging to weaker and marginalized sections. It’s mission is creating opportunities, developing skills and unleashing potential.


   The objectives of this programme are to provide job opportunities to those students who do not wish to go for higher studies after completion of their UG Programme. To provide placements to those students in earn-while-learn scheme. To promote necessary inputs to the students who seek admission to higher studies. To provide scope for middle level positions apart from software engineers and to build up confidence levels among the students.

III year degree students with good academic record are target group.Andhra Loyola College has adopted this JKC Cell in the year 2007. The Principal of Andhra Loyola College was the chairman of the JKC and was responsible for smooth running of activities of JKC. He supervised the overall activities of JKC. The College has appointed Dr.T. Srikumar, the department of Physics as the Coordinator of JKC and P.V.S. Sai Ram, the department of Physics as the Asst. Coordinator of JKC. The classes were handled smoothly and successfully by the following faculty members.



Name of the Lecturer



Analytical Skills

1.      Dr.T. Srikumar


Technical Skills


       1.  T.Kamalakar Raju 

2. Mr.G.V.S.Narasimaha .

3. K. Anil.

Communication Skills

1.      Dr. T.Sai Mamatha

2.      Dr. L. Subha






          Education makes a student eligible to apply for a job, but to be successful in the role one requires to exhibit a mix of skills; one such skill is ‘employability skills’. To make the student acquire the skills, JKC has put forth the task of enhancing the student’s ability and skills through the training classes. Students come from different social background, with different capacities, and intellectual abilities aspiring to get a good job in this competitive world. To full fill the ambition of the students who come from different horizons JKC offers an intended itinerary to train the students in the requisite areas for job employability. As a part of it the students are given training in communication skills, interpersonal skills, soft skills, interview skills to fulfill the job nuts and bolts.
             Communication skills are essential for the successful future career of a student.  In today’s competitive world, communication skill is the need of the hour for anyone to be placed in a job. Reading, speaking, writing and listening carefully are the three most important communication skills that are concentrated much in the JKC classes. As a preparatory step the students are asked to read the newspapers aloud daily, to enhance their reading ability with much focus on the speech patterns such as the pronunciation, stress, accent and so on.
           Listening skills are also an important skill which a student should possess to acquire knowledge and to respond to the queries. So, the students are asked to listen to different presentations, watch video on you tube on different activities to develop their concentration. They are also taught on how to give undivided attention to a person with whom a conversation is taking place. The students develop the ability to communicate both verbally and non verbally with a wide variety of people, maintain good eye contact, write clearly and succinctly, use varied vocabulary in speaking in the class.
             Interpersonal skills are the skills we use to interact with other people. Good interpersonal skills allow a person to survive in any new environment. So Students are provided ample opportunities to exhibit and develop their skills, by giving them situations and making them do role plays on it before the class.
           Presenting information clearly and effectively is a key skill that is required in the work place and presentation skills are required in almost every modern employment area. So, as a part of it JKC conducts JAM sessions for the students to develop their presentation skills and self confidence. Mock interviews are conducted for the students where they will be posed sample interview question to reduce their fear of interview and face it with utmost confidence.
              Leadership is the ability to influence others toward the achievement of a goal. Leaders either have, or are perceived to have, strong self-confidence. So to enhance this skill in the students JKC organizes mock group discussion, where the students participate as team players, showing their potential as a leader in the group by coordinating and organizing the group in discussions. Here the students show social skills by respecting the thoughts, opinions and ideas of others - they gain the respect of others and aim for credibility. In addition to this, students also learn how to deal with telephone conversations in an appropriate manner, how to write a job application and a resume, how to express their opinion or ask questions in a modest way are also being taught to the students.
                To make the students to design their future career JKC has invited the final year students to attend a briefing session where the course training programme details have been brought into light before the students. Around 250 students appeared for the screening test on 29th June 2016, out of which 133 students were selected. Classes commenced on 7th July 2016 and specimen copies of the materials were distributed to the students on the same day.
 Special talk:
               A talk on ‘Employability skills and interview Etiquette’ was given by K. Sridhar, JKC training and placement officer, P.B.Siddhartha Arts & Science College, Vijayawada, on 7th Sept 2016.
            A talk on ‘CAT, MAT, XAT and BANK examinations followed by mock test P. V. Narasimha, Director, Times, Vijayawada, gave a motivational talk on 16-02-2107, in IS7 form 3.30PM to 5:00PM. He gave some tips on how to appear for the competitive exams like CAT, MAT, XAT and BANK examinations. He asked the students to read newspapers & magazines to gain knowledge on current issues.
Students appeared for interview in different Multinational companies in off campus drive and proved themselves.
S.no Name of the Company Place Date no. of students recruited
1 HCL Technologies 27-07-2016 KBN College, Vijayawada 16
2 Apex, Pakatj 20-11-2016 KBN College, Vijayawada 16
3 infosys 16-12-2016 SRR & CVR GOVT
Degree College,
4 Hinduja Gloabal canara Bank call 07-12-2016 ASN DEGREE COLLEGE,
5 people tech group 16-12-2016 P.B. SIDDHARTHA ARTS &
6 VEE Technologies, Chennai 21-12-2016 K. L University 3
7 C. S. Corporation 11-01-2017 P.B. SIDDHARTHA ARTS &
8 HCL Technologies 25-02-2017 P.B. SIDDHARTHA ARTS &
9 Nalanda Vidyanikethan 27-07-2016 KBN College, Vijayawada 16
10 HCL 27-07-2016 KBN College, Vijayawada 16




To enlighten the students about the importance of career in life, JKCorganized a briefing session for the final year students on 2nd July2015.  A glimpse on the importance of Communication and soft skills,Quantitative Aptitude test and Knowledge of computer is highlighted by the JKC mentors.  Around 268 students appeared for the screening test out of which 150 students were selected for JKC. Classes commenced on 23rd July 2015 and 123 students enrolled themselves in the JKC and specimen copies of the materials were distributed to the students on the same day.


Special talks:


i)                   A talk on ‘Placement Orientation’ was given by Sridhar, T.P.O   P.B Siddhartha College, Vijayawada on 11th Sept 2015.


ii)                JKC, Entrepreneur development Cell, ELT center of Andhra Loyola College along with Aircel in Collaboration with Harvard Business University organized ‘Young Leaders Recruitment Programme’ on 10th Sept 2015.


iii)              Enabling make in India by Enhancing Employability Quotient of  Students’ – a programme presided by the Chief Guest Sri G.V.G.Ashok Kumar (IPS), Guest of Honour Sri.Narahara Setty Sri Hari, and Rev. Father Dr.G.Antony Peter Kishore S.J Principal chaired the programme that held on 17th Nov 2015.


iv)              Orientation for civil services’- a programme organized by JKC and Placement cell on 8th of January 2016 at 2.40 P.M to induced the student towards civil services. Ms. Srujana IAS, Krishna district inspired the students with her motivational talk and gave tips for civil service. The staff of Takshasila IAS Academy gave a brief idea about the levels in civil service examination.


v)                 ‘Goal Setting & Job Orientation’- a programme organized on 11th January 2016 in collaboration with IDREAMZ, Chennai, at 2.00 P.M to enhance the young minds towards their destination. The programme was presided by the resource person Mr. Patel, editor, Times of India. He brought into light the world scenario of employability and the need to be updated to fit into this competitive world. The session ended with the closing remarks of Mr. Sashiranjan, NIT, Calicut with the techniques to solve critical mathematical problems. The art students attended the session in the forenoon followed by the science students in the afternoon and got benefited with the valuable points that help to design one’s career.




S.no Name of the Company Place Date no. of students recruited
1 Tech Mahindra 8th & 9th Dec 2015 Nalanda Degree
College Vijayawada
2 Infosys(BPO+IT) 09-01-2016 Nalanda Degree
College Vijayawada
3 Genpact 17-11-2015 Nalanda Degree
College Vijayawada
4 Wipro 9th & 20th Nov 2015 Triveni Degree College, vijayawada 30
5 TCS 24-11-1015 P.B. SIDDHARTHA ARTS &
6 ILM 11-12-20152016 SRR & CVR Govt College 4
7 appleton 11-01-2017 P.B. SIDDHARTHA ARTS &
8 Larus Labs jan 2016 andhra loyola College 16




  During the Academic year 2014-15, around 170 Students appeared for the Pre-test on 7th July, 2014 and 81 Students were enrolled in the II batch and 21 Students in the III batch for the JKC training. The students were given Vigorous training in Communication Skills, Technical Skills and Analytical Skills. Students were exposed to various Seminars and Guest Lectures to enhance their abilities. The details are as follows


S.No Title of the
Seminar/guest Lecture
Name of the
Resources person
Organized Venue/Date
1 Empowering the young
to realise true
Dr. P. Padma
Dr. G. L. K. Durga,
Prof. V. Viswanadham,
Sri. M. C. Das,
Dr. P V. Prasad
Prof. k. L. Devadas,
Dr. G. V. Mohan Prasad
Rotary Club
of Vijayawada
in asociation with
saakshi Yuvamythri
PB Siddhartha Arts
& Science College,
6th & 7th Sept 2014
2 Higher Education
Abroad and Research
Employment Opportunities
G. Sampth Kumar
gummadi consultants
JKC 14 NOV 2014
3 Career Development
and Compus Placemen preparedeness
Sridhar Kommuru Director ccs JKC Old Seminar Hall
andhra loyola
college on 15-11-2014
4 Carrer Development Programme Prof. Arya Vardhan Raj Saakshi
Media Group on the
Banner of
" Yuva Mythri"
Old Seminar Hall
andhra loyola
college on 22-11-2014



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